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I founded Indescreyebable Ideas in December 2016 as an outlet for me to start writing in. I was sick of social media and the toxicity, but I have always loved reading blogs and writing.

I’m graduating from the University of Utah in May 2018 in Engineering, but decided I didn’t want to limit myself to only engineering. I have always loved writing, whether writing about science and technology, politics, philosophy or just fiction stories and comedy. The reason I chose engineering is to compliment my writing with a technical and mathematical understanding of technology. I also wanted to know more about computer programming and website design.

I’ve always been and always will be a lifelong learner. This is another big reason I started this website was to help everyone develop a voice and platform for their ideas.

I enjoy a few other things besides writing and learning about technology. I love getting outside every week with friends and either rock-climbing or hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains that my community has been blessed with. I’ve enjoyed pencil drawing and painting since I was a kid, and recently I’ve been getting more into designing graphics and artwork online. I’m an avid video game player (PC, PS4, Switch). I’ve always followed politics very closely and love having debates about ethics, values, and policy. I’ve been tinkering with the guitar and piano for a few years and jam with some friends of mine that are musical geniuses. Most importantly, I love playing ball and frisbee with my little dog Shadow. Send me an email if you want to chat about anything. I’ve always tried to make new friends anywhere I go.

Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you can find a home here!


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